Since being licensed as an esthetician in 2009 I have been asked numerous times, the following questions: What is exfoliation? How does it benefit my skin? When do I exfoliate? Am I using the appropriate exfoliant for my skin? Because of these questions, it prompted me to shed some light on the subject with hopes that my readers will receive helpful [...]

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Wanted to introduce to my followers a product that has been widely known in Korea for a little over a year now and has made its way to us so that I could now write a review about it!   I had recently received this product from Laneige and immediately drew my attention because of [...]

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I am sure we can all relate to some degree that in the winter our skin suffers more than we can often control or even know how. Why is that you ask? Because there is an abundant number of products to choose from that leaves us, well, overwhelmed. As a licensed esthetician, I have used [...]

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